"Noodle makes new friends"

The first installment of "Noodle's Grand Adventures" series

coming 2018


Childrens Book Author

Erica Bayes

Author of Noodle's Adventures

The Series

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Passion Project

The first installment of Noodle's children's book series is a passion project.

The book involves some of Noodle’s classmates with disabilities and my hopes is that it brings all children together, regardless of their "different abilities".

A portion of Noodle’s first book sales will go to support Local families by providing Stepping Stones of assistance through programs, to those in need, who don't qualify for government assistance, to help them continue their path to success. Noodles first book will be available on Amazon, and readers may also choose to donate .5 percent to Support The Stepping Stone PBC, Inc. through Amazon Smiles. Please visit  http://thesteppingstonepbc.org/ for more information on this amazing program. 

Noodle's species is the rare Queen of Bavaria Conure.

A portion of the proceeds from Noodle’s book sales will go to the World Parrot Trust Fund,

to further the protection and conservation of this remarkable species.

Please click here to learn more about the WPT's conservation efforts.

Noodle's book will be available on amazon, and you can choose to donate .5 percent to the World Parrot Trust, when you purchase through Amazon Smiles.

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